There are many details involved in the selling of your home. I will work with you to decide on competitive pricing strategy, marketing strategy, and how to prepare your home for sale. Please call me at 604-942-0606 to make an appointment to discuss these aspects in more detail. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • DO service the appliances you have, so that they work perfectly. If you have seriously outdated appliances that can be replaced for $1,000 or less (like swapping a beat-up old fridge for a basic new one), that's a good idea. Similarly, if there are any appliances that you lack, which most buyers consider essential, it makes sense to buy one (like a dishwasher - you can get a nice model for under $1,000).

  • DO invest in cabinet re-facing if your cabinets are extremely outdated. Many re-facing companies will give your cabinets a fresh facade for well under $2,000 and it's a good investment in creating a positive impression of the room without doing a pricey knock-down.

  • DO hire a professional cleaning company to come in and make what you have sparkle. While this won't magically make your tile look magazine-spread-worthy, it will certainly make it look a lot better, as discolouration from age often makes tile look even worse.

  • Declutter the counters. A disorganized kitchen is a buyer deterrent. Clean up the counters and pare down countertop items to three or four essentials, such as the toaster, microwave and coffee pot.

  • Keep your pantry and cabinetry clutter-free too. You don't have to alphabetize your cereals - just know that potential buyers will probably open those cabinets, so they won't want a ladle falling out on their head.

  • Give your kitchen table or breakfast bar some life. It's simple - placemats, a colourful vase or two and a tasteful flower arrangement for instance.


In the Bathroom:


  • DO replace dated bath and shower fixtures; this can be done generally quite inexpensively. For instance, if you have a piddly old showerhead, replacing it with a large, rainwater-style model will lend a subtle spa-like quality without costing a lot.

  • DO freshen up a focal point: the vanity area. Invest in a big mirror and put bright lights over it. A few hundred dollars spent on a nice faucet is well worth it, as, like the showerhead, it's a basic - and updating the basics, in most homes and markets, is a smart way to go.

  • Do add a little life to the wall, with a simple, straight-lined wood or stainless-steel floating shelf with a few candles on it. It's an elegant, boutique-hotel touch that doesn't cost much. Toss down a colourful floor mat. Bathrooms are often devoid of color; this is a great way to add a warm hue on the cheap.